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Sea Defences

Coastal erosion is an on-going issue across the Island's coastline, much of which is in areas of international importance reflected in their status as a Site of Special Scientific Interest(SSSI). Working in these sensitive areas requires a unique understanding, more considered approach and unique skillset. Something that H.J. Bennett has the skills and experience to both understand and deliver effectively.

For example, working closely with Imphouse Ltd, civil engineering and building contractors we have completed a project to create new coastal defences to protect vulnerable homes in the area of Paddock Drive and Bembridge Coast Hotel from the effects of coastal erosion.

Imp-house and HJB SSI Works

With existing defences having failed we worked to deliver a solution that was completely natural. Achieving this by skilfully using what was already at the site and relocating material from further down the coast where too much shingle had been deposited by the tides and long-shore drift; carefully removing this excess to bolster the much needed sea defences whilst also protecting and enhancing the overall coastline.

Initially, we build a core section and short groins using the remains of previous defensive structures - recycling what was already available onsite and avoiding the need to bring any new material into this sensitive area.

Seaview gravel

Onto this core, shingle was placed, having been gathered and transported by us from further down the coast to create a new defensive bank in front of the affected properties. A solution that was natural and would work to remove the force of the waves – reducing potential damage and further erosion across the vulnerable frontages and cliffs.

pushing up HJB Sea Defences Seaview IOW


Caring for the Island

”No-one is more aware of the impact that construction has on the environment than us and especially this beautiful island on which we have built our reputation and lives.”
Nigel Bennett – H.J. Bennett