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Our Products

As you would expect, at H.J. Bennett we offer a wide range of high-quality aggregate products, with a great service and always competitive prices. All of our products* are naturally sourced with quality tightly controlled from first extraction to final delivery to you, ensuring that you receive the high-quality aggregates you want, at the right price and backed by a great service from the H.J. Bennett Team.

Our aggregate products are all available for bulk delivery as loose material, with many also available for delivery and collection in 900kg bulk bags, palletised (48 unit) 20kg mini-bags and also as individual 20kg mini-bags, ensuring that with H.J. Bennett you can have the aggregates you need, as you want them and when you want them anywhere across the Island.

* All images are approximate likenesses and the delivered product may vary, please contact our office to discuss prices and availability.

Caring for the Island

”No-one is more aware of the impact that construction has on the environment than us and especially this beautiful island on which we have built our reputation and lives.”
Nigel Bennett – H.J. Bennett