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Lavender Farm

Lavender Farm  ‘A return to nature’

Whilst many Island residents and visitors will be familiar with award winning Isle of Wight Lavender, located just outside Newport, most will not have seen the work over many years at the nearby quarry site, where gravel has been extracted to go into the construction of the Island's homes and roads.

Lavender farm and lake

With the quarry now closed we are working closely with the owners to return the site to nature. A project that reflects a significant commitment and investment into the Islands wildlife that is well underway and will take a number of years to complete.

As Nigel Bennett comments “We didn’t want to miss this vital opportunity to provide habitat for the Islands wildlife and rare species and are working jointly with the owners to make this a real legacy for the Island.”

Together with the site owners we are working with conservation experts and planners to make the most of the site which includes 4 landscaped lakes and extensive heathland. Here, shallow pond margins have been created for wading birds to feed and breed with specific plant cover used to connect the waterside to heathland and open areas.

Lavender farm ducks on new pond
This includes hibernation habitats and areas left open for natural restoration to encourage bees, butterflies and reptiles such as adders to the area. In addition to this, bluffs and cliffs around the lake edges are aimed at encouraging kingfishers and sand martins to the site with raised mounds providing potential habitat for ground dwelling creatures.

Lavender Farm  ‘A return to nature’


Caring for the Island

”No-one is more aware of the impact that construction has on the environment than us and especially this beautiful island on which we have built our reputation and lives.”
Nigel Bennett – H.J. Bennett