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HJB EcoBase

Eco-Base – A Smart, Environmentally Friendly Solution
With over 60 years’ experience in resurfacing and supply of aggregates, H.J. Bennett has developed a far more environmentally-friendly alternative, called Eco-base.

H.J. Bennett’s Eco-Base system allows the old material to be recycled and laid back down as a durable new surface, reducing energy usage and emissions. The Eco-Base binder captures any toxic components and binds them within the overall mix to render an end product that’s completely safe. This means that there is very little waste and no need for expensive recycling treatments or landfill. The result is a new road surface at a fraction of the cost and a considerably reduced carbon footprint.
testing hardness of EcoBase

How HJ Bennett do it?

The Eco-Base process starts by abrading the old road surface - using specially designed equipment - to a depth of 150-200mm. The extracted material is then rejuvenated at their recycling centre near Newport, IoW, then crushed and screened to the correct size. The Eco-Base binder is added and then used back on the stripped road as a first life aggregate replacement.
EcoBase ready to go

The benefits of the H.J. Bennett Eco-Base & binder (SMR)
  • When used in standard stabilisation applications the treated material outperforms traditional quarried aggregates
  • When used in remediation projects, it can decrease the leach ability of contaminated soil
  • Re-using these waste materials has a major impact on the carbon footprint of road resurfacing projects
  • Substantial cost savings are available especially where toxic substances are initially present in waste.
  • Reduces the impact of quarrying, landfill and transport

       H & S Data Sheet for Eco-Base


Caring for the Island

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