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Bembridge Harbour

Dredging operations that protect the environment.

For many years we have provided dredging operations from our compound at Bembridge Harbour; keeping Bembridge Harbour open for sailors and fisherman (whose livelihoods depend on it) and a statutory requirement through the Bembridge Harbour Act of 1963.

HJB Tipper and screen

Our approach is to recycle dredged material for use across the Island in building and construction projects rather than dredged material being taken out and dumped at sea. An approach that protects sea life and coastal habitats, benefits the Islands construction industry and environment by reducing the need to import material from the mainland and the associated carbon footprint.

River Yar Bembridge IOW

This important work also helps to maintain wetlands right up the river Yar into Sandown and helps to prevent flooding further up the river. Independent estimates have placed the value and benefit of this work to the Islands community at over £6million a year.


Caring for the Island

”No-one is more aware of the impact that construction has on the environment than us and especially this beautiful island on which we have built our reputation and lives.”
Nigel Bennett – H.J. Bennett